Reclaiming Lives on Reclaimed Land

Best known as the home of Tokyo Disneyland, Urayasu City was once a small fishing village on Tokyo Bay. But a coastal land-reclamation project expanded its area fourfold, bringing rapid growth and an influx of young people and families. When an MTW team moved into the Shin Urayasu target area, there was no church in this new community—not surprising in a country where only 0.3 percent of the population identify as evangelical Christians.

With God’s help, things are beginning to change. The Tokyo Bay Team has recently begun community church-planting efforts. Shin-Urayasu Grace Church had its first worship service in 2012, and the team continues to build the church through Bible studies, outreach events, children’s programs, and community service. Their prayer is that the Shin-Urayasu church will become the first of many, and from within that network of churches young Japanese church planters can be identified, trained, and sent out.


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"Mom, there's something I need to tell you."

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Video: Why Japan?

What does Japan need more than more people willing to go? Churches willing to send them.


Japan: Lifting the Weight of Societal Pressure

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Pray for children in Japan who are attending Christian school and influencing their families for Jesus. 

Pray for the U.S. church to send workers to Japan where less than 0.5% of people are Christians.

Pray for the Japanese to realize that money, health, education, and material possessions do not satisfy the human heart.

Pray for youth around the world to come to faith, and pray for missionaries who minister to the next generation. Young people often impact their whole familes for Christ.

Pray for the relationships missionaries are developing with Japanese men and women. Pray for common interests and connections to be a bridge to the gospel.

Pray for the men and women in Japan who have been attending church to make a public commitment to Christ and to express their faith through baptism.

Please pray for the rebuliding efforts in Ishinomaki, Japan, and for church planting efforts in the region that have begun since the 2011 tsunami.

Pray for God to break through cultural barriers to draw Japanese men and women to Himself. And for God to call more missionaries to serve in Japan.

Pray for Japanese college students wrestling with new faith. Pray that they would have the courage to give their lives to Christ and not fear their family's reaction.

Translate and Publish God of Grace Book in Japanese

Your contributions will help pay for translation of the book from English to Japanese and then distribute it to churches and pastors.