Belgium boasts two rich linguistic cultures and occupies a strategic position within Europe. The country is divided between the Flemish-speaking Flanders in the north and the French-speaking Wallonia in the south. Cultural Catholicism dominates much of the country, but like much of Europe, secularism rules the daily lives of most residents.


The capital city of Brussels offers a uniquely international atmosphere: More than half of Brussels residents are of foreign origin. Due to steady waves of immigration as well as being the primary seat of the European Union, Brussels offers opportunities to minister to people from all over the world, some from countries where the gospel is not openly proclaimed. MTW Belgium seeks to bring the reality of the gospel into the daily lives of people here by partnering with local church planters to expand God’s kingdom in this diverse city. In conjunction with our Belgian partner in the International Presbyterian Church (IPC), we are also developing Europe’s first Fellows Program, aimed at cultivating young Christian leaders. 


Daniel & Katy B.

Daniel and Katy want to see the Church extended to the "ends of the earth" that reside right in the heart of Belgium.

Daniel and Katy want to see the Church extended to the "ends of the earth" that reside right in the heart of Belgium.

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Serve Missionary Kids at Belgium Pre-field Training | Jan 10-31, 2023
Mission Trips
Intensive Missionary Training Program for French-speaking Europe
Church Planting and Community Outreach
Urban Missions in Brussels
Summer Internships

Stuck Together in Brussels

It occurred to me as I was walking down the street that these connected-yet-uniquely-individual row houses is a good picture of the Church.


Sunday Stick Shift Lessons

For the past few months I've been learning how to drive a stick shift, in another country. Thankfully I've had a patient teacher.


Pray for the ministry in Brussels, Belgium, and for quality relationships to be formed that would lead to Christ-focused conversations. 

Pray for the ministry in Brussels, Belgium, as we reach out to internationals from many different cultures in this diverse city. 

Europe Scholarship & Assistance

Enabling spiritual refreshment for missionaries and national partners