Odesa, located on the Black Sea, is Ukraine’s third largest city, a regional vacation destination, and a hub for shipping and education. When the MTW Odesa team first arrived here in the 90s, people were hungry for spiritual truth. But as western culture has gained influence during the last decade, the Ukrainian people are increasingly less open to the gospel. Also, as the war with Russia rages heavily in this city, our pastors and partners in the area are still working to provide relief and ministry to the war-torn people.

The Odesa team works with Ukrainian churches to develop leaders and help congregations, mostly comprised of first-generation believers, to mature. We also aim to reach future leaders through our English and university outreaches, and to help train the next generation of American missionaries who will help work with Ukrainian believers to advance the Church and the gospel throughout the former Soviet Union.


Burnham, Bob & Andrea

The Burnhams assist Ukrainian believers in organizing congregations that honor God in both word and deed.

The Burnhams assist Ukrainian believers in organizing congregations that honor God in both word and deed.

Hart, Rachel

Rachel is a member of the Odesa, Ukraine team, serving as women’s ministry coordinator, which includes caring for those dealing with grief and trauma.

Rachel is a member of the Odesa, Ukraine team, serving as women’s ministry coordinator, which includes caring for...

Martin, David & Jill

David and Jill minister to the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of displaced Ukrainians in Brasov.

David and Jill minister to the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of displaced Ukrainians in Brasov.


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"One Day" With Jon Eide in Ukraine (VIDEO)

Follow Country Director Jon Eide on a 50-hour journey from the U.S. to Kyiv, Ukraine, to encourage the Presbyterian Church in Ukraine.


Continue to Pray for Ukraine (VIDEO)

It's been two years since Russia's escalated invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian church need our prayers.


Crates for Ukraine 3.0: Calling All Churches, Youth Groups, and Galvanizers (VIDEO)

MTW Ukraine is getting more requests for med kits, vitamins, and winter wear right now than any other time in the war. Will you help again?


A Pastor’s Wife Remains on Mission in Ukraine (VIDEO)

When Ukraine was on the brink of war, Lena and her pastor husband considered their options. Head for safety or stay and minister together.


30 Years of Grace in Ukraine: The Backstory on a Country That's on Every Front Page

The story of MTW Ukraine is a story of how Christ continues to build His Church through many successes and setbacks.


Lauren Stovall: Pandemic, War, & a Surprise (VIDEO)

Missionary life in Ukraine has not gone as expected for Lauren: lockdowns, isolation, exodus to Romania, and an unanticipated romance.


We're In This Together: A Crates for Ukraine Update

Over 250 churches came together to pack and send more than 1,200 relief crates to Ukrainians in need.


An Opportunity For the Ukrainian Church (VIDEO)

The Church has this unique moment to minister right where people are broken and vulnerable, offering them a stable hope that cannot change.


The Ukraine Crisis Has Been an Opportunity for the Church to Act as One (VIDEO)

"Brothers and sisters, it was incredible. This is one of the strongest testimonies throughout this time. I have seen the Church act as one."


Thank You for Helping Ukraine! (VIDEO)

The church has been so generous to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ in Ukraine. Thank you for all you've made possible.


Dasha: A Life Transformed and Faith Renewed in Ukraine (VIDEO)

After two months sheltering in a school, Dasha yearned to hear silence, to see friends, to walk—not run—on the street, to read the Bible.


MTW Ukraine Team and Church Leaders Care for the Community in Crisis (VIDEO)

From the start of the war, MTW Ukraine missionaries and church leaders stepped into action to respond and care for those around them.


Crates for Ukraine: Meeting Needs in a Meaningful Way

MTW missionaries hope a new initiative for churches to fill crates and fly them to Poland will solve several challenges and streamline aid.


The Stakes Are High for Ukrainians Praying for Peace

These are our brothers and sisters in Christ. We must stand with them. They are looking at the prospect of losing their freedom to worship.


Light Shines in the Darkness in Ukraine

Churches and believers in Ukraine and in neighboring countries have been able to show extraordinary hospitality amid the darkness of war.


Fleeing Ukraine in Photos

MTW Ukraine missionary Bob Burnham snapped photos during his exodus from Odesa at the outbreak of the war, documenting his journey.


How Pastors Are Ministering in Ukrainian Cities Under Attack

We spoke with two Ukrainian pastors who minister to churches in two cities where there has been intense bombing.


Broken Reeds and Smoldering Wicks: Isaiah Provides a Perspective on the War in Ukraine

Isaiah reminds us how God gets His will done in dark places, and offers wisdom for believers ministering in the Ukraine crisis.


Ministry in a Time of War: How Missionaries and Pastors Are Coping With the Unimaginable

The crisis has forced many Ukrainian Christians to make heart-wrenching decisions while trying to come to grips with their new reality.


Lauren Stovall: Meeting Prayer Partners and Supporters (VIDEO)

In this second video highlighting Lauren's missionary journey to Ukraine, we follow along as Lauren raises financial and prayer support.


Meet Lauren Stovall (VIDEO)

As an elementary and middle school art teacher, Lauren never imagined God would call her overseas, let alone to Ukraine. But He did.


One Day with Robin Price: Prayer Walking in Berlin (VIDEO)

Follow along on a prayer journey vision trip as an MTW missionary learns how she can take the ministry of prayer walking back to Ukraine.


A Summer Internship Reveals a Surprise Call to Missions

What did I know about Ukraine? I knew it's near Russia and it’s cold. Still I found myself emailing the team leader for more information.


Spontaneous Love: Ukrainian Church Plant Reaches Out to Refugees

When disabled and elderly refugees from eastern Ukraine were forced to flee, a local Presbyterian church embraced them like family.


They All Have First Names

As refugees flood into European countries where we minister, we are learning how to love them as Christ does.


Finding Jesus in Ukraine: My Journey from Atheist to Missionary

I grew up in a typical Soviet atheist family, not thinking about God and faith. Then one summer I met real Christians for the first time.


Goliath Must Fall: Two Gospel Stories

In a hard-to-reach, largely atheistic European city, these stories declare the gospel to be "the power of God unto salvation."


Forced to Flee: Refugees in Ukraine

More than a million people have been displaced by the fighting, mostly from east Ukraine, and many of them have come to the Odessa region.


The Crisis in Ukraine

The political situation unfolding across Ukraine is impacting the lives of missionaries and could have implications for future ministry.


"This is our 9/11"

Unrest in Ukraine ushers in a new season of spiritual openness.


When Loneliness Hits

It was a tough month for me—the hardest I've had since I arrived in Ukraine. They say that all missionaries "hit a wall" somewhere...


The Remarkable Influence of Believers in Ukraine

With much thanksgiving, I write to confirm that God is answering prayers for Ukraine in marvelous ways.


On the Road to Faith

“I think most people here don’t believe I’m a Christian. What do you think?” asked Kostya, a young man attending summer English camp.


Looking After Souls

Robin teared up as she shared her frustrations. Alyona reached out her hand and said, "But you have talent. You look after souls."


Seeking Positive Role Models in Ukraine

Coming from a broken home and an abusive father, Vasilisa is terrified she’ll fall into the same situation with whomever she marries.


Please pray for the Crates for Ukraine 3.0 effort, and for the med kits, tourniquets, vitamins, winter wear, and other critical supplies to meet the physical needs of Ukrainians in the areas that need it most.

Pray against rape, murder, and capture of men, women, and children in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine. Pray for protection for the vulnerable.

Give thanks for and pray for the Krakow crisis team, the distribution of aid, and the shelter ministry as the team cares for displaced Ukrainians.

Pray for courage for Christ’s followers in and around Ukraine.

Pray for families who have evacuated, leaving behind the only place they have ever known. Pray for transition and provision. 

Pray for pastors who have stayed behind in Ukraine as they minister to their congregations and the surrounding communities in a time of war.

Pray for the health, rest, and ability to continue for those who are working with and making arrangements for refugees. It can feel like the future of each one of them is in your hands.

Pray that our brothers and sisters who have lost everything will cling to the community of believers and ultimate hope in Christ, and for the massive movement of people and the refugee work our teams are involved in focusing on Lviv and Krakow.

Pray for Ukraine to trust what is not changeable and to hope in what cannot be lost. May the Church in Ukraine be strengthened through this war.

Pray for MTW Ukraine's publishing ministry, translating and publishing Reformed materials in Ukrainian to equip pastors and laypeople in the Church.

Pray for Ukrainian refugees who are being welcomed by the church in Belgorod to be drawn to Christ. 

Pray for MTW's ministry to refugees in Greece, Germany, Ukraine, Uganda, Panama, and the U.S.

Pray for teams teaching English (ESL) as a part of their ministry and for the students who attend English classes/camp.

Thank God for bringing Ukrainians to faith in Him and giving them the vision to reach their own country for Christ. Pray for many more to be transformed.

Pray for two women, Monika and Andrea, who have recently come to faith against the odds in a hard-to-reach, largely atheistic European city.

Pray for Monika, that God would continue to heal her, give her a new purpose, and protect her life from physical harm, and for Andrea, that she would grow deep roots of faith and be a witness to those like her—unlikely subjects—of the reality of the grace of God.

Pray for Ukraine refugees who have had to abandon their homes due to the fighting. Pray for God to use their displacement to draw them to Himself.

Pray for the safety of believers in Ukraine. Pray for God to use the crisis to strengthen their faith and bring more Ukrainians to Christ.

Pray for believers in Ukraine during a time of political uncertainty.

Pray for missionaries on the field who struggle with loneliness.

Give thanks to God for believers in Ukraine who are standing strong and joining together across denominations for prayer.

Crates for Ukraine

At the request of the Ukrainian Church and our national partners, to provide humanitarian aid from the hands of churches in the U.S. to the hands of churches and displaced communities in Ukraine.

UA Ukraine Crisis Church Fund

Help the church of Ukraine get relief during the war and rebuild in the future.