Looking After Souls

Robin Price, an MTW missionary to Ukraine, was struggling to learn Russian. She often felt that she was disappointing the very people she came to serve as she labored to communicate with her limited vocabulary. Not being able to ask a simple question or share a simple thought made her feel clumsy and inadequate.

Recently, Robin decided to invite her Ukrainian church friend Alyona over for tea. She longed to get to know her friend better. The two managed some basic conversation with the missionary's limited Russian and her friend's limited English. As they visited, Alyona graciously asked Robin how she was doing. Robin unexpectedly teared up as she shared some of her frustrations at not being able to communicate better. Alyona reached out her hand and said, "But you have talent. You look after souls." She proceeded to explain that there is a Russian word, dushepopecheniye, that means "soul looking-after" and that this is what she and others in Ukraine need and want very much. No words could have been a greater encouragement to Robin that day and were a sweet affirmation that God had brought her there for a beautiful purpose.

Please pray for the many Ukrainians who long to know more of God's truth. And pray for Robin and other missionaries like her who are mastering a new language in order to share the truth of the gospel. 

Kyiv Lviv Odessa Ukraine Aug 13, 2013
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Pray for Ukrainian refugees who are being welcomed by the church in Belgorod to be drawn to Christ. 

Pray for MTW's ministry to refugees in Greece, Germany, Ukraine, Uganda, Panama, and the U.S.

Pray for teams teaching English (ESL) as a part of their ministry and for the students who attend English classes/camp.

Thank God for bringing Ukrainians to faith in Him and giving them the vision to reach their own country for Christ. Pray for many more to be transformed.

Pray for two women, Monika and Andrea, who have recently come to faith against the odds in a hard-to-reach, largely atheistic European city.

Pray for Monika, that God would continue to heal her, give her a new purpose, and protect her life from physical harm, and for Andrea, that she would grow deep roots of faith and be a witness to those like her—unlikely subjects—of the reality of the grace of God.

Pray for the safety of believers in Ukraine. Pray for God to use the crisis to strengthen their faith and bring more Ukrainians to Christ.

Pray for believers in Ukraine during a time of political uncertainty.

Give thanks to God for believers in Ukraine who are standing strong and joining together across denominations for prayer.

Pray for MTW Ukraine's publishing ministry, translating and publishing Reformed materials in Ukrainian to equip pastors and laypeople in the Church.

Pray for the church-planting team in L'viv, Ukraine, and the Ukrainians they serve. 


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