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DAY 30: Pray for new missionaries preparing to serve in restricted-access countries around the world that the Lord would use them mightily.
DAY 29: Pray for the identification, training, and appointing of leaders for new ministry opportunities across Europe.
DAY 28: Pray for national leaders being developed and cared for in Muslim-majority nations across Asia and the Middle East.
DAY 27: Ukraine: Pray for an end to the war, ministry to those who are displaced, and for spread of the gospel.
DAY 26: Pray for connection, encouragement, and support for wives of church planters in East Asia, facing both internal conflicts (family/church) and external (government) pressures.
DAY 25: Pray for Japanese church members not returning to church because of fear of the coronavirus. Pray for their faith to thrive in the midst of the continuing pandemic.
DAY 24: Pray for continued development of ministry candidates in the Timothy House program, a two-year residential training program to develop West African church planters.
DAY 23: Ethiopia: Pray for Ethiopia ACT’s family advocates, who care for the physical and spiritual needs of families affected by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and other communicable diseases.
DAY 22: Europe and North America: Pray for new team leaders, refugee/immigrant ministry workers, ESL teachers, and more to reach out to Muslim people in Europe and North America.
DAY 21: Cherokee, North Carolina: Pray for the ministry of Grace Community Church and that God would raise up additional team members for the church planting work there.
DAY 20: Sierra Leone: Pray for MTW’s partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Sierra Leone and the ongoing work of revitalizing the church.
DAY 19: Oxford, England: Pray for unity in the church plant in growth and transition, and for members to love and serve one another well.
DAY 18: Pray for the Lord to raise and mature leaders for Parakaleo, a training ministry for spouses of church planters, in East Asia.
DAY 17: Tokyo, Japan: Pray for Setagaya Grace Church, a new church plant. Pray for evangelism efforts, outreach events, and new community groups.
DAY 16: Asian Crescent: Pray for new team leaders, theological educators, ESL teachers, and student ministry workers for this region that stretches from the Middle East to the Pacific.
DAY 15: For healthy churches to be planted and grow through the Reformation Church in East Africa.
DAY 14: Pray that the Lord would raise up a team to work in an unreached South Asian city of 22 million people.
DAY 13: Pray for college students connected to the MTW/RUF ministry in Bogota, Colombia, to be reached and equipped with the gospel.
DAY 12: Senegal: Pray for a new church planting work in Dakar. Pray for those involved as well as for a meeting space.
DAY 11: Ask God to use Next missionaries to reach the next generation, as well as their efforts to sustain MKs through the challenges of growing up cross-culturally.
DAY 10: Arab World: Pray for new team leaders, refugee/immigrant ministry workers, ESL teachers, student ministry workers, vocational workers to help us reach traditionally Muslim peoples.
DAY 9: Pray for missionary families to thrive; pray for strong marriages, discipling of their own children, for language acquisition, and for cross-cultural transition.
DAY 8: Pray for the wives and families in East Asia whose husbands are detained due to religious persecution; pray for encouragement.
DAY 7: South Korea: Pray that our Diaspora Ministry be a channel of embracing, empowering, and discipling immigrant and refugee peoples living there.
DAY 6: International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Pray for believers around the world who are persecuted for their faith. Ask God to give them perseverance, protection, and boldness.
DAY 5: Pray that God call men to lead new teams in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, and Tanzania.
DAY 4: Pray for the safety of missionaries and the national church in a West Africa country amid increased tensions from radical Islamic groups.
DAY 3: Nassau, Bahamas: Pray for both the government and the people. Pray for a spiritual awakening and revival.
DAY 2: Central Asia: Pray for new workers—team leaders, theological educators, ESL teachers, student ministry workers, and vocational workers to work among traditionally Muslim peoples.
DAY 1: Ask God to expand our networks with theologically Reformed national partners across Europe.


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