Do you know if you are called to serve cross culturally?


God has gifted you in unique ways. How will you serve him?


You can be part of sharing the good news and the love of Jesus with those who need his touch by joining with local believers around the world to reach the least reached.

Native America & First Nations


The Church in South Asia is expanding at an unprecedented pace. Pray for church leaders to effectively disciple this rapidly growing community of believers.
Praise God for opening doors in Germany for us to minister to refugees in a local refugee home. Pray for refugees to grasp the love of Christ. 
Pray for God to draw the hearts of Native American and First Nations people to Himself and for Native churches to flourish.
Pray for those returning from mission trips to stay engaged with missions. 
Pray that God would raise up future ministries to come to the West Coast Link conference in September. 

You're Back From A Short-Term Mission Trip, Now What?

Most mission trips result in an elevated enthusiasm for missions, but then life happens. How do you continue to feed your zeal?

A Consuming Fire

When a village elder and the priest of an evil spirit could find no relief for their illnesses, they called on Christ, and burned their...

Tea Time with Refugees

God is opening wide the doors for us to serve refugees in Germany.

9 Must-Read Books on Missions

Any disciple of Christ who wishes to expand their understanding of missions should have these books in their personal library.

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