Seeking Positive Role Models in Ukraine

A young woman named Vasilisa has become a regular guest at the dinner table of MTW missionaries to Ukraine, Bob and Andrea Burnham. Coming from a broken home and an abusive father, Vasilisa is terrified she’ll fall into the same situation with whomever she marries and repeat the pattern with her own family.

“I’ve never been a part of a healthy family, and I really want children someday,” she confessed. “So, can I just come over here and be with you? I love watching how you all interact—it’s completely different from my own home.” Bob and Andrea were taken aback by her request, but very thankful that she’s seriously seeking a positive example, particularly in a culture where young people are offered few positive role models and virtually no practical counsel for navigating the pitfalls in life. Vasilisa has an open invitation to dinner and comes as often as she’s able. After the kids go to bed, she talks openly about her fears and hopes, and the couple is able to share how they’ve experienced many of the same things. Praise God, who has equipped this family with His Word and Spirit to minister to this young woman. Thank you for partnering with our missionaries to make an impact for the kingdom.

Odessa Ukraine May 23, 2013
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Pray for MTW Ukraine's publishing ministry, translating and publishing Reformed materials in Ukrainian to equip pastors and laypeople in the Church.

Pray for Ukrainian refugees who are being welcomed by the church in Belgorod to be drawn to Christ. 

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Thank God for bringing Ukrainians to faith in Him and giving them the vision to reach their own country for Christ. Pray for many more to be transformed.

Pray for two women, Monika and Andrea, who have recently come to faith against the odds in a hard-to-reach, largely atheistic European city.

Pray for Monika, that God would continue to heal her, give her a new purpose, and protect her life from physical harm, and for Andrea, that she would grow deep roots of faith and be a witness to those like her—unlikely subjects—of the reality of the grace of God.

Pray for Ukraine refugees who have had to abandon their homes due to the fighting. Pray for God to use their displacement to draw them to Himself.

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