"...I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some." (1 Corinthians 9:22b)

MTW year-round internships vary in length from one to 11 months and are a great way to invest in hands-on ministry that makes a difference while also getting a taste of life on the field. Not sure if God’s calling you into missions? Serve under the guidance of experienced missionaries and find out.


270 days. A lifetime of possibilities.

Are you 18–25 and interested in In learning more about yourself, other cultures, and your role in advancing God’s kingdom? On the Path 270 internship, you’ll travel with a small team of people, spending three months in Europe, three in Asia, and three in a cross-cultural experience in America, all while making an impact for Christ.

My Internship in Cambodia: Emily Whitley

*Not all countries are listed. If you don’t see the country you’re looking for, use the region search to narrow your results.

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Application process
How do I start the application process?

The first step is to fill out our interest form. A staff member will be in touch with you to discuss your interests and what program is the best fit with what you're looking for.

Main qualifications
What are the main qualifications MTW looks for in missionary candidates?

For people seeking to serve with MTW for one month and longer, MTW examines an applicant's spiritual life, relationship with their church, their personal relationship with Christ, their personal traits and characteristics, ministry experience, conviction that God is calling them into missionary service, knowledge of the Bible, and their understanding of the Reformed faith.

Length of service
How long is my commitment?

We offer various commitment levels from 1–11-month internships, to longer commitments of 1–2 years, and 4 + years.

What kind of training will I receive?

The training a missionary receives depends on the length of time the missionary will serve.

Once approved, missionaries serving one year and longer will participate in Kingdom Foundations:

  • Orientation: A 5-day training event where missionaries will hear from MTW's leadership, consider the importance of the gospel and their identity in Christ, as well as learn about and practice kingdom prayer. They will also be introduced to the support raising process and connected to a cohort group.

  • Cohort journey: Cohorts will meet every other week for a 10-month journey of growth and development, encouragement, accountability and camaraderie, leading up to departure for the field. Between cohort meetings, missionaries will have topical assignments to complete

  • Pre-field training: a two-week, in-person training event for missionaries (and their dependent children) who are close to departure to the field. Training topics will be relevant to adjusting to life overseas.

Missionaries serving 1-11 months will participate together in a shorter training program. They can expect an initial kickoff meeting, five cohort meetings, and a final one-day pre-field training. 

How are MTW missionaries funded?

Missionary budgets vary widely based on field location, education for children, and the length of time a missionary is serving (those going for a few months raise much less than those going for longer than a year). Short-term and internship budgets cover the necessities of living overseas, but reflect a reduced budget for a short-term commitment. Long-term missionary budgets are larger in that they reflect items, such as annuity, that are intended to sustain a single/family to serve over a long period of time. Careful thought has been given to how and why we structure our budgets the way we do, and foundational to this commitment is providing our missionaries with a benefits package (health, life, and disability insurance), along with funds for continued training and other items while on the field.

Support and care for missionaries
What support systems are in place for missionaries and their families?

A foundational value of MTW is to care for the whole person and family. Every missionary serving for one month and longer is assigned a representative in the office who is their go-to person for any questions they have regarding support raising, finances, policies, insurance, etc. This office representative is in contact with the missionary from the time of their approval until the missionary retires or returns to the States.

Additionally, MTW's Member Care and Development Department provides care for missionaries in the form of area retreats and by responding to any spiritual and emotional crises experienced by the missionaries on the field. MTW's Global Youth and Family Department seeks to provide care for missionary children around the globe, along with providing resources for parents as they raise their children overseas. We also have insurance protection and an internal response infrastructure in place to assist missionaries in times of medical or political crises.

Age requirements
How old do I have to be?

If serving one month or longer, applicants need to be 18 years of age or a high school graduate.

Language requirements
Do I need to speak a foreign language?

Generally, no. For missionaries going for 1 year and longer, language school is considered part of their training. For missionaries going for less than a year, language requirements vary by location. For example, summer interns going to parts of Latin America need to have a working level of Spanish


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