McNeill, Don & Fran

Serving in Global | Acct # 14825


Don and Fran grew up in Mississippi and met at Mississippi State where both received a bachelor of science degree. Don also earned the M.C.E. and M.Div. from RTS, Jackson. Married since 1976, they have four children and 13 grandchildren.


On the field in Uganda for 11 years, Don and Fran have now expanded their ministry of theological education to several countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Church growth in Africa has always outstripped the growth of available training institutions. Insufficiently trained pastors serve a growing church, so many Christians are not equipped to understand and apply the Scriptures adequately and practically. The first goal of ministry in Sub-Saharan Africa is to train Christian leaders for expositional preaching and teaching in cities, towns, and the remotest villages in Africa, and to help African Christians develop a Christian worldview in which the implications of the gospel penetrate to all areas of life for cultural transformation. Additional goals are the multiplication of African teachers who can train other teachers in whose hands lies the future of pastoral education in Africa and resourcing those same pastors and teachers with study Bibles, Kindles, and Reformed curriculum.


Based in the States, Don travels to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo facilitating local study centers. The remainder of the time is spent preparing and gathering resources for distribution to pastors and teachers. Please pray for this critical ministry and for the growth and maturity of the African Church. 

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