Brown, Jeff

Serving in Japan | Acct # 400875

Support needs are met. Praise God!


Jeff Brown grew up having a believing grandma, who prayed for him all her life. Jeff was interested in science in high school, and had the idea of learning about God through a study of physics and math, but he was not a Christian. He was also interested in Japanese language and culture and studied Japanese in high school, and later at University of Maryland.


In grad school his grandma sent him a New Testament, which he read out of curiosity. While in a postdoc job at a research institute at Postech University in Korea, Jeff was invited to Christian fellowship meetings with a Korean physics professor and postdocs at the university. He only attended a few of the Bible studies, and only occasionally attended church with his colleagues, but they were there for him during a difficult time. This along with their prayers on his behalf drew him toward Christianity.


Eventually he slowed down and read from the Bible again and became a believer. He wanted to be a missionary soon after believing. During the seven years between then and now, Jeff found his home church, Columbia Presbyterian Church, and he’s reached out to family, former classmates and teachers, and coworkers with the gospel. Jeff perceives a calling to missions in Japan, and plans to use his love of basketball, and his experience teaching math and ESL, to teach as an intern at CCSI and work with the Honda A/O team from April through June 2024.

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