The Global Missions Conference will feature the following breakouts during slots A, B, C, or D:

More breakouts are coming, so remember to check back here!

For Such a Time as This: International Student Ministry
RUF–International Campus Ministers

In 2024, the U.S. will welcome over 1.1 million international students to study on U.S. college campuses. Never before have the nations of the world sent their best and brightest to be educated by one nation, the U.S., as is happening today. Many of the international students are from countries where we cannot send missionaries. Many of the international students are more open to the gospel than they would be if they were in their home country. International student ministry is a unique opportunity to introduce students to Christ and His people, the Church, through hospitality, evangelism, and discipleship. Come hear how God is at work through international student ministry as well as opportunities for you or your church to be involved.

Complexities of Discipling Africa's Growing Christian Population
Victor Nakah, MTW International Director: Sub-Saharan Africa

Learn about the complexities of discipling Africa’s growing Christian population. Sixty percent of Africa’s population is under the age of 25, making it the youngest continent in the world. Seventy percent of all those who lead churches have no Bible or theological training. The majority of our church planters and pastors have no Presbyterian background or upbringing.

Welcoming Your International Neighbor
Chris Sicks, Pastor, One Voice Fellowship

Jesus lived at the geographical crossroads of three continents—the perfect location to fulfill the promise made to Abraham, that “through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed.” (Gen. 26:4) Today, our own neighborhoods are becoming global crossroads. People who have never heard anything true about Jesus are now living down the street. How can we offer a proactive welcome to our new neighbors, and together experience a foretaste of heavenly worship? (Rev. 7:9) Being a stranger or sojourner has always been part of the DNA of God’s people. This earth is not our home! To be in step with the truth of the gospel (Gal. 2:14), we must practice philoxenia—love of strangers. Join us to be encouraged with stories, strategies, and resources so you can welcome others, as Christ has welcomed you. (Rom. 15:7)

Great Commission Synergy: ESL, Refugee Ministry, and Global Missions
Nancy Booher, ESL Ministries Director

Is God stirring your heart to participate in His plan to reach the nations? Have you considered local opportunities to discern His call and develop cross-cultural skills, experiencing the adventure of reaching those from the nations in your own community? Are you already in the field looking for new tools to reach nationals and refugees? Come discover people groups in your backyard, open to hearing the gospel because every familiar landmark in their lives has been shattered. Hear about multiple MNA strategies to reach the one in four persons in North America in immigrant families, such as ESL and refugee ministry. Learn how to develop your own Great Commission skills and support the work of missionaries overseas, as immigrant believers share their newfound faith with friends and family back in their homeland. This creates a ripple effect for the gospel and Christianity will no longer be viewed as “foreign!”

Missions Starts Now! Local Opportunities for Missions Discipleship
Dale Hollenbeck, Director, MTW Mid-America Hub

The United States is the most diverse mission field on the planet. That gives the North American church a unique opportunity to disciple the saints for global missions through the ordinary ministries of our local churches. This seminar will help church leaders affirm the gifts of their members, name missions competencies to sharpen, and identify local opportunities in order to raise the next generation of missionaries.

Unapologetic on Mission Trips
Jerry Gibson, MTW Director of Mobilization & Western Hub

The global missions community is really wrestling with whether mission trips are more beneficial than they are harmful. That all depends on what you do, where you do it, and how you do it. There are places we should not go and ways we should not serve. Join this breakout session for some unapologetic thoughts about the positive and negative impacts of mission trips. Learn how to better ensure you are truly helping through improved site selection, team preparation, and ministry activities.

Mobilizing Worshippers Among the Unreached in the 10/40 Window
Neal W., International Director, Global Muslim Ministries

Joshua Project records 3.4 billion people, 42% of the world, who are considered unreached and remain without adequate access to the gospel unless someone intentionally crosses barriers to take them the treasured message of God’s love. A majority of these unreached people are found within the 10/40 window and are primarily characterized as followers of Islam. How can the American Church participate in making the gospel of the kingdom known to these unreached peoples? The Global Muslim Ministry division of MTW has been wrestling with this question for over 25 years. Come and hear about lessons learned and current initiatives to mobilize worshippers among these unreached people.

Missions in Unpopular Places: Opportunities for Kingdom Advancement in the Western Hemisphere
Steve Robertson, International Director for the Americas

In 2024, it's easy to overlook mission work in the Western Hemisphere. Immigration issues have fueled resentment towards Latin America in many circles. In others, mission trips to nearby destinations have become cliché. Many of us often forget that Indigenous peoples in the U.S. and Canada even exist. And with our "can Amazon deliver it today" attention span, it may seem that the work should be done already—and so it's easy to believe some reports that it has been. In reality, the gospel needs and opportunities are great! Come hear about how God is at work and the opportunities that exist for gospel impact both in the Americas and throughout the world.

Age of Opportunity: Serving Past 60
Dick Senzig

Empty nester? Retirement approaching (or arrived)? It’s never too late for God to use your education, work experience, and Christian faith—even your white hair—to take the gospel to the nations. In this seminar you will hear from older adults who are actively engaged in meaningful kingdom work overseas with MTW, even though they live in the U.S. Hear how God is using their diverse backgrounds in various kinds of ministry. Learn how their ministries are funded and the unique challenges they have faced in pursuing their calling. There is a place for you, older saint, to take the gospel to the nations!

Why MTW?
Lloyd Kim, Cartee Bales, Mark Bates, MTW Coordinator, MTW Senior Director of Field Operations, MTW Senior Director of U.S. Operations

With all of the wonderful missions agencies serving around the world, what makes MTW special? In this breakout session, you will have the opportunity to interact with some of the leaders of MTW to learn what MTW does and does not do, the advantages of serving with MTW, and how MTW is uniquely positioned to serve Presbyterian churches and members.

Doing Missions From the Asian American Context: Advantages, Challenges, and Opportunities
Luke Kim, Assistant Pastor

Asian American Christians have a shared experience of forming a Christian identity in a multicultural environment. In this process, they wrestle through cultural and spiritual ideologies. Their experience is an excellent asset for the global mission, where cross-cultural work is necessary. Furthermore, Asian parents’ zeal for their children to have a higher education and a professional job produced workers whose skills would be helpful for various mission works. Although they possess valuable skills and a multicultural mindset, mobilizing them to engage in the global mission has multiple challenges. This seminar briefly surveys the current situation of Asian American churches and will provide an answer to the question, “How have they done the mission?” Then, this seminar examines the current opportunities and tackles the question of “How to proceed from here?” The examination and the proposed answer will provide some ideas on cultivating a culture of mission in Asian American Churches.

Current Trends in Missions
Ted Esler, President/CEO, Missio Nexus

What are the major trends in missions today and how are they affecting the Church and her role in the global Great Commission? In this session, you will hear about the major shifts that are affecting evangelism, discipleship, and church planting globally.

Today’s Persian World Revival and MTW’s Role in It
Richard *, Persian World Regional Coordinator

The Persian World is often considered the center of global controversy and conflict. Yet the Persian World is also at the center of one of the largest Christian revivals taking place today. There is so much growth in the gospel, in fact, that Persians are considered the fastest growing Christian population in the world. Hear about what God is doing to drive this rapid growth of the gospel and how MTW is contributing.

Missionary Care Rooted in the Local Church
David Thomae, Director of Member Care

Missionaries wonder, "Who cares?" God cares, of course. But God uses means. A foundational source of missionary care is the church that sent them. This seminar helps equip your church to care well for the missionaries you send and support. See what kinds of care are needed for your missionaries. Learn about what missionaries want their church to know (but may be afraid to tell you). Hear how caring well for your missionaries also benefits you. Discuss practical next steps for your congregation. Time to ask questions and hear answers from missionaries is included.

To the Ends of the Earth 'Til the End of the Age
Phil Stogner, MTW Director of Church Planter Coaching Europe

The roots of church planting are in the Great Commission which sets us all on a path to go to the ends of earth with the good news of the forgiveness of sin. Our mission is an exciting adventure of faith which follows the design of God to birth new congregations until the return of Jesus. In this talk you will be encouraged and equipped in the global church planting paradigm, which defines church planting as evangelism that results in new congregations. The Bible commands us to "go therefore and make disciples of all nations" with a promise of the fruit of church plants reaching to the furthest ends of the earth. The fruit of following the Holy Spirit into new and foreign places with the gospel results in the fruit of new congregations.

Why Is Europe Strategic?
David Stoddard, International Director for Europe

Is Europe still strategic? What people often mean, but will never say is this: Wouldn’t we as a church, as a missions committee, get more bang for our missions' buck elsewhere? We are going to look at some strategic arguments why we still need missionaries to Europe. We will also look at some of Europe's greatest "defeater beliefs." Finally, we will explore some of the key political, social, economic, and religious influences affecting Europe’s church context today.

Haran to Canaan: Considering the Call as a Family
Nate & Nikki Bonham, Missionary Church Planters

In this seminar, we will seek to connect theology and practice as we explore what it means for a family to consider a call to the foreign mission field. “Could our marriage handle it? Will our kids resent us? How do I tell the grandparents about this idea? I don’t even know where to start or what questions to ask. Is this just crazy?” If you have had any of these thoughts or questions, this seminar is for you. We won’t have all the answers, but we can begin to walk together to seek wisdom from the One who does.

Speed Them on Their Way: A Sending Culture
Dee Hammond, Pastor of Missions & Outreach

Does your church have a culture of raising up and sending out missionaries? Christians agree that the Great Commission is a priority in Christianity. Most churches agree that getting missionaries to the field is a priority in the life of the church. While we can agree on these priorities, sometimes our priorities can get snuffed out by other things. Going cross-culturally with the message of the gospel is a high calling. Many people in our churches wonder what it means to be called to the mission field. They wonder how a person knows for certain. They wonder what the steps are that someone needs to take to become a missionary. This seminar will explore a missionary-sending culture in the life of the church.

Vocational Mission for Global Kingdom Advancement
Jud Lamos, Founder/CEO, 18.26 Network

Hendrik Kramer called laity the “frozen assets” of the church.  Bishop Efraim Tendero claimed, “In order to fulfill the Great Commission, every believer needs to be a minister and every workplace a place of ministry.” “The Great Commission can never be fulfilled by pastors and missionaries alone,” said Michael Oh, global executive director/CEO of the Lausanne Movement. Yet, “the falsehood of a ‘sacred-secular divide’ has permeated the Church’s thinking and action.” “We err,” suggested J. Christy Wilson, Jr., “when we assign personal evangelism at home to the lay Christian but missions work abroad only to the specialist.” In this seminar we will review the early advancement of the Church through lay movements, the development of tentmaking in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and look at how mission is being redefined in our day to as men and women, like Aquila and Priscilla, share the gospel cross-culturally through their vocational calling.

Campus Ministry as Global Missions (RUF-Global)
Chad Brewer, Assistant Coordinator: RUF International & Global, plus RUF-G Campus Ministers

Pew Research reports that the 15–29 age window is the most likely age range for someone to either leave the church or to convert to Christianity and become part of the church. Campus ministry as a strategic way to do global missions is on the rise. Missions teams around the world are beginning to include campus ministry as part of their team’s mission. Come hear how God is using campus ministry to reach students and build the church around the world as well as opportunities to do campus ministry through MTW and RUF-Global.

Crates for Ukraine: Mission in a Time of War
Doug Shepherd, MTW Team Leader, Lviv, Ukraine

Full scale invasion of Ukraine created a crisis that the Ukrainian and American Church needed to respond to. Crates for Ukraine was a strategic way to supply the most urgent and needed aid being requested by the Presbyterian Church of Ukraine. The crisis became an opportunity for the Church in the U.S. to pack aid and the Ukraine Church to distribute aid in the darkest times of the war. Hear how this response resulted in saved lives and relief amid suffering. In addition, hear how Crates for Ukraine continues to respond to the ongoing crisis and to build gospel connections for the future.

Enduring All Things for the Sake of the Elect: Global Missions and Eternal Glory
Anthony English, MTW Western Hub Assistant Director & MTW National Diversity Mobilization Specialist

We are called by God to be engaged in reaching the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ in some manner. But God's call to be engaged in global missions comes with the promise of suffering. It is this promise of suffering that causes many to hesitate in reaching the world with the good news of Christ. Come and hear about suffering for the sake of God's elect among the nations in light of the gospel and the example of past and present day Christians.

Singularly Committed: Exploring the Role of Single Missionaries
Panel of MTW Missionaries lead by Brent Kooi, Australia

Being single has its advantages and its challenges. But what about serving overseas as a single? Is it safe? Is it wise? Is it giving up on ever getting married? Hear from a panel of single missionaries about all this and more.

Making Connections: Children's Ministry and Missions
Mariah Cunningham, MTW Mid-America Mobilizer, Amy Markwalter, MTW Missionary, & Katie Flores, CDM Children's Ministry Director

The seminar will be split into two topics. The first topic will focus on observation and compassion toward cultural differences in our Sunday school classrooms. The second topic will focus on caring well for our missionary kids.

Pursuing Gospel Saturation in Latin America: Developing Pipelines for Multiplication
Jaime Jimenez, Pastor of Missional Discipleship at Grace Presbyterian Church in The Woodlands, Texas; Founder & Developer of  Co-Vocacional

We long to see the world saturated with the gospel of Jesus. But how can we pursue, in the power of the Holy Spirit, an exponential multiplication of disciples, church planters, and churches in Latin America? How can we cultivate a missional DNA where God’s people would live for God’s mission in their everyday lives? How can we develop leaders and plant churches in contextualized and sustainable ways to see Latin America being reached for Jesus? We will discuss some of the challenges the church in this region faces, key elements that help foster multiplication, and ways for U.S. churches to develop healthy partners with the church in Latin America.

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