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DAY 30: Pray for church leadership training, so that church planting may flourish among Native American and First Nations peoples.
DAY 29: Pray for Western China Covenant Theological Seminary in Southwest China.
DAY 28: Germany: for our team as they prepare the initial phases for a new Reformed church plant in the south of Munich.
DAY 27: Pray that, like Paul, the Taliban repent and become followers of Jesus, instead of persecuting His followers.
DAY 26: Pray for a new church plant in the Matsubara neighborhood of Tokyo. Ask the Lord to bless Bible studies with non-believers there.
DAY 25: Pray for global city church plants to effectively disciple God's scattered people from all nations.
DAY 24: Pray for Native American and First Nations peoples, that past harms would be healed through the power of the gospel.
DAY 23: Pray for new believers in the Arab Gulf to grow in their faith despite opposition and to form together into churches.
DAY 22: Praise God that He is at work even when our plans are frustrated. Pray for eyes to see where He is working.
DAY 21: Pray for the Chinese publication of "Gospel Transformation" and for God to use this gospel-centered course in a great way.
DAY 20: Romania: for leadership development of young Romanian men to joyfully serve the Church, overcoming a current spiritual drought.
DAY 19: Pray for God to raise up church planting and pastoral mentors needed in many locations in Muslim-majority Africa.
DAY 18: Pray as we begin new ministry in Korea, partnering with the local church.
DAY 17: For new workers among Afghan peoples, particularly veterans with relationships and language experience.
DAY 16: Panama: that Iglesia Comunidad de Cristo will overcome pandemic barriers and reach the many different peoples of Panama City.
DAY 15: Pray for the Holy Spirit's presence and encouragement for tired and discouraged, national pastors working in difficult places in Asia.
DAY 14: Pray for wisdom to minister in the "new normal" of life across Africa, which does not have the vaccine availability like much of the West.
DAY 13: Pray for agricultural trainers providing life-changing education in 10 West African countries, allowing farmers to meet their families' needs.
DAY 12: For a bilingual (French/English) church planter in Brussels and for the formation of a multicultural church-planting team.
DAY 11: Pray for refugees who have lost everything; may the Lord provide for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
DAY 10: Global Health and Medicine: that countries would reopen so teams may travel and support church-planting efforts through word and deed ministry.
DAY 9: Pray that God would bless a new church plant in northern Italy and for many to become followers of Jesus
DAY 8: Pray for the Island-to-Island Partnership, reaching out to the populations in the Pacific Islands nations.
DAY 7: International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Pray for believers in restricted-access countries being persecuted for their faith. Ask God to give them perseverance, protection, and boldness.
DAY 6: Colombia: Pray for El Redentor Church in Rionegro, planted during the pandemic and lockdowns, that it may flourish and thrive.
DAY 5: Pray for our new medical team in South Asia, a country with the largest unreached people group in the world. Pray for them to be a light to the nations there.
DAY 4: Pray for the newly formed Sub-Saharan Africa Ladies Together Council (SALT) as it seeks to encourage and equip women in ministry across our many fields.
DAY 3: Pray for the work of the International Discipleship Coalition and for its 15 partner organizations bringing training, particularly in West Africa.
DAY 2: France: that churches will catch a vision for ministry through the arts and that people would be led to see the beauty of God.
DAY 1: Ask God to call many new workers to fill opportunities in the Muslim world. The fields are ripe for harvest, but more workers are needed!


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