Paris, long recognized as a global center for culture, commerce, diplomacy, finance, fashion, and food, became known as "the City of Light" due to its extensive 19th century street lighting, as well as its leading roles in arts and sciences. But many in this city don't know the light of Christ. Although Christianity has been present here for centuries, in the wake of the Enlightenment it has become a very secular city. Paris is also a transitory city: Many people come from around the world for university studies or to start their career, and then they move away. In this context, Parisian Christians seek to bear witness before the watching world, that non-believers can see Christ's light more clearly in daily life. There's a particular need for complex apologetics to explain the reasonableness of faith in Christ and the coherence of the Bible as the only foundation for building true French liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Our long-term vision is to see a city-wide gospel movement in Paris. Thus, we serve a local French church that has a track record of multiplying churches. We support them through discipleship and prayer, as well as actively seeking apologetic and evangelistic opportunities. May Parisians meet Jesus and grow in knowing Him by His Word and Spirit, that this city would be known as a "City of the light of Christ."


Swanson, Joel & Stephanie

Stephanie and Joel’s creativity and gifts help them serve the church in France.

Stephanie and Joel’s creativity and gifts help them serve the church in France.

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Church Planting in Paris
Suivre Jesus: Discipleship Videos in French

Help our team in France produce high-quality discipleship videos and launch this web-based discipleship ministry.