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A personal and confidential review of your current estate plan from a stewardship perspective

Three Elements of Personalized Estate Design

The estate design incorporates a spiritual approach to accomplish what you understand to be God’s plan of stewardship for your estate. Beginning with your planning and distribution goals, the confidential estate design illustrates your current position and options available to reduce taxes, administration delays, and family conflict.

A Guide to Planning Your Estate

Spiritual in nature and technically accurate, the Guide is designed to provide ministry partners with information to:

  • Help find God’s plan of stewardship for their estates

  • Be in a position to work with legal and tax counsel to form an estate plan which will carry out God’s plan of stewardship for the estate, and

  • Be motivated to compile the estate data needed to begin the estate design process

A Confidential Estate Inventory

Used to list the estate data and provide an outline of what the individual understands to be God’s plan of stewardship for the estate.

A Personalized Estate Design Memorandum

Discusses each aspect of the individual’s estate from the data provided in the Confidential Estate Inventory form, including:

  • Taxation – A review of the basics of federal estate taxation, illustrating the impact of the suggested planning on that tax.

  • Family Estate Planning – While it is not our purpose to tell a person to whom or how much to give, we believe that people are more important than dollars. Therefore, when a ministry partner wishes to make provisions for family members, counsel is given to help provide for the family and reduce the potential for interpersonal conflicts between family members. From a Christian standpoint, this is one of the most important aspects of estate planning, often overlooked by practitioners.

  • The Charitable Estate – When an individual desires to make a charitable gift of all or any part of the state, we present the most effective way to accomplish those desires.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us at: 678-823-0028 or [email protected] 

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