Kovac, Lubica

Serving in Slovakia | Acct # 400375


Lubica grew up in Slovakia under Communist regime. In her 20s, she had a desire to study theology and go into full-time ministry. But her father, who was a pastor, persuaded her that under Communism she could be a better witness for Christ in a secular occupation. As the years went by, his advice proved to be true.

In 1990, just one year after Communism fell, she moved to the U.S. Providentially, she earned an M.A. in Christian education and had the privilege to minister to Slovaks living in the States.

In Slovakia today, the Communist regime is part of history and young people are more open to spiritual life. But Lubica never stopped thinking about her generation of Slovaks. She took it as her personal call and privilege when a young Slovak pastor called her with a vision of planting a church in the Slovak capital, Bratislava. He asked if she would come back to Slovakia to participate in the work of reaching older generations there. In this invitation, she audibly heard the quiet cry of her heart and wholeheartedly replied she would be honored to serve in her home country of Slovakia.

Pray for Lubica and give thanks to the Lord for this unique call.

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