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A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold. (Proverbs 22:1)

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Change the world through business . . .

. . . and be changed in the process.

There are people, Christians, and churches throughout the world struggling just to survive. Using your business acumen, you can help locals start microenterprises, or train small businesses on using best practices. Local communities and churches benefit from having its people involved in business based on sound Christian principles.

And doors that are closed to local pastors open more freely when business is being discussed.

Think of your business knowledge as being a universal language to form personal relationships as a vehicle for outreach. Sharing your knowledge as well as your life can be a powerful witness for Christ.

MTW Business as Mission


How would I participate?
What are examples of how to participate in this business ministry?

• Teaching business principles overseas 

• Mentoring small-medium sized enterprises (SME’s) 

• Assisting in the start of micro-enterprises 

• Opening businesses in a foreign country 

• Being an in-country BAM coordinator

Contact us: 678-823-0004 or
or use our Business as Mission interest form.
Can I help start a business?
Can I help nationals start a business?
• You are most likely someone who has broad business experience, and possibly experience starting a business or who has operated a small business.

• You will most likely teach/consult/mentor several nationals who want to start businesses. They will have been “pre-qualified” for this training only somewhat. You will most likely be part of a 3-4 person team who follows a program that is a series of 3-4 one–week sessions over a several month period.
Can I live in the country?
Can I live in the country and use my business skills to help MTW in kingdom impact?
• This is not for everyone. It can involve much in terms of learning and adapting to a new culture. It may require learning a new language.
• It is also many times more difficult to be in business in another country. However, it can be done successfully!
• You may want to become an employee or consultant for a company with a presence in the country you desire to live, work, and minister in. Every culture needs kingdom-minded businesspeople.
• You may want to consider being an MTW BAM Regional Coordinator and help nationals start and operate businesses as well as work to bring businesspeople from the U.S. or other countries to the country or region you would live in.
• If you want to start a business yourself, MTW is prepared and excited to help you however we can. This will vary from one place to another but may include: (a) learning the new culture, language and customs; (b) introducing you to a pastor and church in the area; (c) possibly assisting you with finding employees, suppliers, customers, and financial and legal advisors in country; (d) praying for and with you.
Can I help consult or teach?
Can I teach nationals to run a business?
• Partner with a missionary to determine how overtly Christian your teaching should be depending on the context and the goal. 
• You will need to have some preliminary training in the culture in which you will be teaching and sharing, which MTW will arrange and provide. 
• You will be expected to have prepared so that you provide a very professional and valuable session(s). Students in some cases will be paying for this teaching. Your time in country for this will likely be from 3-7 days.

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