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The Christians Were Different: A Doctor's COVID-19 Reckoning

By Kevin & Jan Rutledge, May 28, 2020

An Iranian doctor living in Germany was employed by the German government to help with COVID-19. Time and again, during some of the worst days of the crisis, he watched the Christians who came to the hospital. They came with their Bibles and seemed noticeably calm. They often slept with their Bibles and he even noticed that they died differently than the others. The doctor discussed all this with a missionary friend to MTW, who then led him to “believe on Jesus for everything.”

The doctor has embraced this new Christian faith and reports that God is healing people through prayer. Even as he tells the stories he is astonished and sometimes wonders if he is crazy. But we know Jesus is showing up on His terms. Friends of MTW in Germany have since started an online Iranian Bible group where Muslims are coming online and hearing the gospel for the first time. Thank God for the unique opportunities this time affords and pray that He would use it to draw many to Himself.

As we hear reports like this from around the world, we are all the more thankful for your gifts, especially during this season of disruption. We're thankful for His goodness, while we pray for His mercy.

Kevin and Jan Rutledge provided this story. 

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Pray for a group of international friends in Germany who are meeting together and building community in a missionary's home. Pray they would come to know Christ through this community.

Pray for internationals from around the world living in Brussels, Belgium, and for the MTW team working there to reach them with the truth of Christ.

Pray for Immanuel Church in Brentwood, West London, and for the surrounding community, that God would strengthen believers and draw people to Himself.

Pray for the new church plant in Belgium, Hope Church International of Brussels. Pray that God would draw many from this post-Christian city to Himself. 

Pray for a small church in Athens, Greece that is reaching out to refugees with the love of Christ. Pray for the refugees there to hear the truth of the gospel. 

Pray for those who have entered into life and death questions of faith with missionaries in Berlin as a result of the pandemic. 

Pray for an Italian couple returning to their home country to church plant. 

Pray for ongoing work among refugees in Greece. 

Pray for MTW Ukraine's publishing ministry, translating and publishing Reformed materials in Ukrainian to equip pastors and laypeople in the Church.

Pray for the people of Mati, Greece, who are responding with spiritual openness following disaster response efforts of the Greek Evangelical Church and MTW. 


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