Immediate tax advantages. Income for life. Global gospel impact. 

If you have appreciated securities or real estate that you want to sell, but have been reluctant to do so because of capital gains tax implications, a charitable remainder trust may be right for you.

Our estate and gift planning specialists begin by working with you to assess your particular goals and needs. Next, real estate, cash, appreciated securities, or other assets are transferred into a charitable trust. Examples of assets we have worked with in the past include office buildings, rental houses, apartment buildings, and appreciated stock. The trust assets are then sold with no depletion of capital gains. The proceeds are invested in a balanced portfolio, managed by MTW and you receive immediate tax benefits and income from the trust for life. At the time of your death, the remainder of the trust assets go to MTW and your other ministries or church.

Benefits Of A Charitable Reminder Trust

How Does A Charitable Remainder Trust Work?

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Mr. and Mrs. Montague are in their early 70s. They care deeply about giving to their church and the missionaries they support, but also want to ensure financial security for their future. MTW’s Center for Estate and Gift Planning helped them create a charitable remainder trust, funded with a rental house valued at $250,000.

The Montagues received a charitable income tax deduction and avoided capital gain taxes on their property. MTW, as the trustee, invested the proceeds and provides Mr. and Mrs. Montague annual payments equal to 6 percent of the value of the trust’s assets for the remainder of their lives. They are financially secure and rest easy knowing that their church and missionaries will continue to be supported from their estate after they are gone.

Contact us to learn more about charitable remainder trusts, or to schedule a FREE personal and confidential review of your current estate plan from a stewardship perspective.

You can reach us at 678-823-0028 or [email protected]

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