The Truth Is Free!

In Guadalajara, a woman desperately searching for the truth recently became a Christian. She said, “I tried many things—yoga, psychology, tai chi, meditation, massages—and I had to pay for them all. Now when I finally find the truth, it’s free!” From its small beginnings over two decades ago, the work in Guadalajara has been growing and spreading the truth of the gospel through church plants all over the city. And now the church plants are birthing daughter churches as well as medical clinics, schools, a music academy, a seminary, an organization to help underprivileged families, a downtown outreach to addicts and prostitutes, and even a ministry to neighboring Purepecha Indians.

The Pearl of the West

Mexico’s second largest city, Guadalajara is often referred to as the Pearl of the West. And no wonder—it has six universities, a thriving art scene, and is the largest producer of software and digital components in Mexico. But like any other major city, it is fraught with problems and is fertile soil for the gospel. As the work there grows, so do the opportunities for expanding the kingdom of God in western Mexico.


Wood, Kenton & Adriana

Kenton and Adriana, along with thenational team, are planting more churches in Guadalajara.

Kenton and Adriana, along with thenational team, are planting more churches in Guadalajara.

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Rescuing Monica

When a sex-trafficked, drug-addicted young woman was in desperate need, the church did what the church is supposed to do. They intervened.


"The rats are bigger than my cat!"

A missionary in Mexico discovered his carpentry skills could improve the life of a family with a simple door to keep out the rats.


From the U.S. to Christo Redentor by Divine Appointment

There we were, once again at the gate, realizing that we could not possibly make the connecting flight to Guadalajara from Atlanta.


Short-term Missions in Mexico: A Life Changed

Are short-term trips effective? If you're doubtful, just ask Claudia.


Filbert Pres. and the Purépecha Indians: Two Years Later

For 10 years, Filbert Presbyterian has ministered to the Purépecha Indians, both in Mexico, and at home in South Carolina.


Pray for women forced by poverty into sex work. Pray for MTW ministries around the globe seeking to rescue and minister to these women.

Pray for those living in poverty in Guadalajara, Mexico, and for the gospel to bring life and hope to people there. 

Pray for the men and women who cross paths with missionaries in Guadalajara to come to know Christ personally and to find a church home.

Last summer, Claudia came to faith through a summer trip. She has since been baptized. Pray for those who come to faith in Mexico as a result of short-term trips to plug into the church.

Pray for church-planting efforts among the Purépecha Indians outside Guadalajara, Mexico. Pray for national missionaries and short-term teams serving there.