To 7-Year-Old MKs, Evangelism Is Just Life

Dec 29, 2016

A missionary mom serving in Australia overheard her young son and daughter talking with their 7-year-old neighborhood friend, Eden. The children first asked Eden if her dad was a Christian. She told them he didn’t believe in God. They then asked her if she knew about the Garden of Eden, as her name is Eden. She thought she’d heard of it. The missionary’s son then took out the Big Picture Story Bible and began to read her the Creation story. (He had just read it during family worship the night before.) The missionary’s daughter then told her brother that he should probably read a story about the cross, so they moved to the New Testament and read Eden the story about Jesus' crucifixion.

When the missionary asked her daughter about it later, she said that she thought Eden needed to hear about the cross if the Creation story was to really make sense. How encouraging this was to the mother! Without even being conscious of it, missionary kids are helping reach their communities for Christ. God uses your support in ways beyond our imagination. 

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Campus Ministry Internship
1–11 Months
Student Outreach in Sydney, Australia
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Pray for missionary kids as they develop friendships with local children to have an impact for Christ.

Pray for MTW's ministries in Sydney, including Harbour City Church, City Sanctum, and Student Outreach to the World, as well as the Pacific Islands Island to Island Partnership. 

Pray for City Sanctum, a ministry to businessmen and women in Sydney, Australia that helps believers live out their faith in the workplace, and welcomes non-believers exploring their faith. 

Give thanks for Harbor City Church in Sydney, Australia, which is thriving with four campuses after years of struggles getting established.

Pray for those who feel called to missions, but don't yet know what or where God is calling them to. Pray for clarity, but also a resting peace in our sovereign God.

Pray for Harbor City Church in Sydney, Australia, and their mission to reach Asia. “New Australians”—second-generation immigrants and internationalized young adults of predominantly Asian descent—are the source not only of Harbor City Church’s steady growth, but also of its impact, much of it through its Student Outreach to the World ministry.

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Pray for college students around the world to be impacted through MTW’s partnership with RUF.

Pray today for the unreached living in Central Asia, as well as for the local believers and missionaries hoping to reach them. Pray for relationships and conversations of faith. 

Pray for those who God is calling to missions, that God would clarify their call, and equip them to serve Him.


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