The Financial Struggle of National Pastors

Dec 17, 2014
A committed believer, Pramot had served as an intern at New City Fellowship Church (NCFC) in Thailand while studying at Bangkok Bible Seminary. He knew he was called to be a pastor, and the growing MTW church plant was a place for him to minister to those who did not know Christ. What Pramot did not know was that the NCFC community would provide him and his family with a firm foundation as they faced tragic circumstances.

Pramot and his wife, Tang, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Peace, in the fall of 2012. But with the joyful arrival of Peace came a cancer diagnosis for 29-year-old Tang. The church rallied around the young family. They received help with doctor visits, were prayed for, counseled, and consistently cared for by this new church family. 

But less than a year after her diagnosis, Tang went "to be with her Daddy," as she put it. Even while grieving, Pramot and the church family were able to witness to the truth of Jesus Christ to the Buddhist community. 

Pramot is now a pastor for NCFC and serving his community. But the challenge now is that the church struggles financially. The members cannot support the church from their own giving. So Pramot is investing much of his own time and money to learn the air conditioner service business. After praying and seeking advice from the session of NCFC, Pramot started Jing Jai Air ("Sincere Air"). 

Jing Jai Air is not just tent-making ministry: it is part of Pramot's vision to establish a solid financial foundation for NCFC by employing NCFC staff and expanding into the A/C parts business. Through this "business as mission" he and the staff will create an outreach to young, unskilled men in slum communities, providing them a steady income and gospel witness. 

Pramot experienced firsthand the love and grace of Jesus Christ and the compassion and care of a church community. He now wants to share that love and compassion with others in Thailand. Our God is indeed a God of redemption.

Will you share your resources with Pramot and other national pastors? Your gift will support national pastors, including those like Pramot, who are working in areas where Business as Mission and church planting intersect; and where churches can make a difference through the love they share with their community, as NCFC did for Pramot, Tang, and Peace. 

These funds will support national pastors who are on the front lines of planting churches that transform their communities. Your gift will leverage your financial resources to expand the impact of the churches' human resources.

Thank you for your commitment to sending the gospel of grace to a world in need of His redeeming love.

Click here to make an online donation to help support pastors like Pramot.

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Pray for those in Thailand who are resistant to the gospel because "to be Thai is to be Buddhist." Pray they'll see that they can embrace the gospel and still retain their culture.

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