Natalie Wood

Planting Churches in Toulouse, France (VIDEO)

By Natalie Wood, Mar 7, 2019

When people think of France, they think of the Eiffel tower and wine and bread and cheese, but it is also a country where people are in desperate need of the gospel. In France, fewer than 2 percent of the population identify as evangelical Christians. The need is enormous.

Throughout France, MTW missionaries and national partners are working to plant vibrant churches that are engaging the culture, reaching out into the communities, and viscerally living out the gospel of Jesus Christ, neighbor to neighbor heart to heart. In Toulouse, a city of nearly 3 million people, an MTW church-planting team is working with a French national church partner in an effort to revitalize an older downtown church and plant a new church in a nearby suburb.

Watch and learn more about MTW’s church-planting efforts in Toulouse, France. Is God calling you to serve? Visit or email [email protected] to learn more.

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Church Planting in Paris
Youth Ministry Leaders
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Give thanks to God for a movement of the Spirit spreading across Europe opening doors that have been long-shut.

Pray for church-planting work to increase and bear much fruit in strategic cities around the world that are filling with diverse international populations.

Pray for a small group men's study in the Middle East as men seek to learn truth Scripture while wrestling with the realities of what ISIS has taken from them.

Pray for the ministry in Tolouse, France, and for many to come to faith in this post-Christian culture.

Give thanks for the church leaders that God has been raising up in Bogota, Colombia. Pray that this growth will continue. 

Pray for a church plant in Toulouse, France, to grow with new servant-disciples who bring in more new disciples, all drawing closer to Christ.

FRANCE: Pray that the Toulouse church plant would grow with new servant-disciples who bring in more new disciples, all drawing closer to Christ. 

Pray for missionaries seeking to minister to those who are critical and hard to love. Pray that missionaries would love their neighbor as Christ loved us.

Pray for our church-planting efforts in France. Pray for the believers there to boldly share their faith with others. 

Pray for the declining Church in Europe. Many see Europe as post-Christian and without hope. But we know that Christ will build His church.


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