One Day in Nagoya, Japan, With Amy Newsome (VIDEO)

By Tom Mills, Sep 29, 2020

Missionaries Wayne and Amy Newsome have been church planting in Nagoya, Japan, for over 25 years. Nagoya is a strategic place for church planting and community ministry because in contrast with much of Japan it is growing and full of young people. Amy starts this typical day with a counseling session at her office at Nisshin church, and then takes us with her around the city to get a picture of what her daily life is like.

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Reach Out to Japanese With English Classes
Evangelistic English Ministry
Pastoral Interns
1–11 Months

Women Around the World: Amy Newsome in Japan (AUDIO)

CDM’S Karen Hodge interviews MTW missionary Amy Newsome about her life, her challenges, and her joys in ministry.


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Pray that God would use our Japan teams to open the hearts of the Japanese to God’s presence and love for them.

Pray for a Japanese student who is eager to believe, but still skeptical and asking a lot of really good questions.

Pray for the Japanese men and women impacted by the gospel during recent homestays in the U.S. to continue in faith as they return to Japan.

Pray for the church-planting efforts of the Nagoya, Japan, team to be effective and that God would grow the Church in Japan.

Pray for God to break through cultural barriers to draw Japanese men and women to Himself. And for God to call more missionaries to serve in Japan.

Pray for Japanese college students wrestling with new faith. Pray that they would have the courage to give their lives to Christ and not fear their family's reaction.

Pray for church-planting work to increase and bear much fruit in strategic cities around the world that are filling with diverse international populations.

Pray for MTW Japan as they grow and expand, transitioning some churches to new leadership and planting in new areas. 

Pray for a small group men's study in the Middle East as men seek to learn truth Scripture while wrestling with the realities of what ISIS has taken from them.

Pray for children in Japan who are attending Christian school and influencing their families for Jesus. 


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