Mercy Matters: Q&A with Missionary John Rug

By Staff, Jun 3, 2014
Missionary John Rug was born blind, but he is not disabled. He is "differently enabled." Not only has it not stopped him, it has provided the vision and framework for his CEIMPRE ministry in Vina del Mar, Chile. We sat down with John recently for a Q&A. 

Tell us something surprising about yourself. 

I used to ride a unicycle. For a long time I wanted nothing to do with working with those having disabilities despite the fact that I was born blind. 

In a perfect world, ______________. 

I'd be out of a job because there'd be nobody to evangelize and nobody with disabilities or marginalized. 

What is your passion? 

My passion is to work with those with disabilities, preparing them spiritually, emotionally, and physically to become differently enabled. 

You can learn more about John Rug and the CEMIPRE ministry by visiting his profile or subscribing to his newsletter. 

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Pray for the Vina del Mar ministry to the "differently enabled." Pray that those with disabilities would find their true value in Christ.

Give thanks for the work God is doing in South Asia in the wake of COVID lockdown relief. Ask God to grow the new believers who came to faith in Christ as a result.

Pray for those in the urban slums of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, who are struggling economically due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Pray for ongoing ministry in the Suki community during COVID-19. Many day workers cannot work, and the church is having to find creative ways to minister. 

Pray for South Asian communities in New York City who have been hard hit by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, and for God to use missionaries serving among them. 

Pray for the team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as national partners and MTW missionaries work hand in hand for a greater overall impact.

Pray for a new initiative in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to hand deliver soap and provide education on disease prevention to 600 families in poverty-stricken communities. 

MTW's 18.26 Network allows people to serve in missions through vocation! Pray today for Sarah Harris, serving in Santago, Chile.

Pray for the children and staff of The Josephine House in Cusco, Peru. The orphanage is currently home to 18 children, many with special needs. 

Pray for the kids in Aquiles Serdan neighborhood of Reynosa, Mexico, and the outreach of Isaiah 55 ministry there.


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