Making Room for More

By Staff, Mar 5, 2019

The missionary’s plan was to start a women’s Bible study for any ladies connected to the newly launched seminary in Arequipa, Peru. She expected seven or eight women, a group that could fit around her kitchen table for the study. But after she announced it on Facebook, the responses started pouring in. “I want to come and bring three friends.” “Is it okay if I bring my friend who doesn’t know how to read?” “I’ve never read any of the Bible and I don’t know if I’m a Christian. Can I still come?”

By the time Thursday night rolled around, the missionary family was scrambling to fit 50 ladies into their home. Somehow they made it work! That night, the good news of salvation through Christ was presented in a clear and understandable way. For some, it was the first time they had ever heard the true gospel.

Opportunities for gatherings like these happen because of you. Your gifts pave the way for missionaries to open their homes, for relationships to be built, and for the gospel to be communicated clearly around the world. Thank you.

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On Mission Leadership Summit | October 31–Nov 1
Youth Ministry Leaders
Member Care Coordinator: Americas

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Pray for the women, many of whom are not believers, who have started attending a women's Bible study in Arequipa, Peru.

Pray for church planting efforts in Cusco, Peru, where many know about Christ, but few know Him personally.

Pray for Radio Amauta and its efforts to help train leaders in the Quechua Church in the Andes Mountains of Peru.

Pray for the children and staff of The Josephine House in Cusco, Peru. The orphanage is currently home to 18 children, many with special needs. 

Pray for the success of a new laser surgery business as missions ministry in Cusco, Peru, giving sight to those who need it most.

Give thanks for the church leaders that God has been raising up in Bogota, Colombia. Pray that this growth will continue. 

Each Friday afternoon, a group from the mission church in Arequipa, Peru, head to the parks to strike up gospel conversations. It's bearing fruit! Please pray for this outreach and for people to be drawn to Christ. 

Pray for our ministry in Cusco, Peru, as they put MTW values into action among the Quechua through the church, a medical clinic, discipling medical students, an orphanage, and community outreach.

Pray for the church plant and medical clinic in Cusco, Peru. Pray that believers would grow in Christ and catch a vision for reaching their city.

Pray for a Quechua family in Peru who are eager to invite others over to discuss the Bible. Pray that this group would develop into a church.


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