Giving Thanks in the Inner City

Dec 12, 2013
I spent the day with 14 kindergartners, sweating profusely in 103 degree heat as we guided them (and 80 other kids) through the maze of streets and subway cars. We took a 40 minute ride to the Statue of Liberty, which entertained my kindergartners for all of about 10 minutes. Over the next several hours, we ate, played tag, chased pigeons, braided hair, and cooled off at a water park. When we took a ferry—meaning I got to sit for the first time in hours—two little ones immediately crowded my lap, politely asking for a snack.

I divided fruit gummies between the girls, who patiently waited until I gently encouraged them to eat.

“We gotta pray.”

“Right.” I smiled as they each grabbed one of my hands, and we enthusiastically thanked Jesus for the gift of fruit snacks. Minutes later, we were back on the subway, where they promptly fell asleep, sticky fingers still firmly clinging to me.

When we arrived back at Exodus, I had to start on dinner for the team. I gave both girls hugs and told them how much I loved being with them. The hopeful look on the tiny girl’s face made my heart break. “You can’t come back tomorrow, too?”

If I could go back tomorrow, I would. How I long to return to those smiling faces, sticky fingers, and sweet reminders to pray and be thankful for small things (even fruit gummies). 

MTW no longer offers the NYC Operation Exodus trip, but we have lots of others to choose from. Visit to search for a trip. 
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Pray for those who God is calling to missions, that God would clarify their call, and equip them to serve Him.

Pray for students considering going on summer trips and internships as they make decisions. 

Pray for college students to participate in global missions. Pray that they would a catch a vision for missions that would stay with them long term.

Please pray for the refugees in Metro Atlanta we are seeking to serve. Pray they would know the love of Christ.

Pray for the Cherokee people and our ministry alongside them.

Give thanks for those who participated in short-term missions this summer. Pray that God would continue to encourage them toward missions. 

Pray for those returning from mission trips to stay engaged with missions. 

Pray that we would not give into cynicism regarding ministry among Native Americans, and that God would give us a vision for the expansion of the Native American Church.

Pray for the future Native American Christian leaders being raised up at Mokahum Ministry Center in Bemidji, Minn., and that they would impact their tribes with the gospel.

Pray for participants going on short-term missions this summer, that God would use the trip to encourage, strengthen relationships, and build a foundations for missions.


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