Entertaining (by) Angels

By Kay Burklin, Oct 19, 2017

We were ushered into a simple home, probably considered a hovel by Western standards: small, sparse, old curtains, and piles along the walls. Our visit was one of many connections that church members have with refugee families outside of the school that they established—to offer friendship, to share tea, and to discuss matters of faith.

This little place was home to a Syrian husband, wife, and three children who fled their homeland when bombs began dropping. Without the local language, the father cannot get a job and relies on the oldest son for income. The two girls eagerly showed us their school progress, especially in English.

Before we knew it, the woman disappeared into the kitchen. We pretended to be helpful in the finishing touches of tabouli, which we quickly realized was for us. A very thin piece of plastic-wrap was laid on the floor, the colorful and large dish of rice, peas, and meat (topped with grilled almonds!) was graciously placed in the middle of our small circle. Everyone used their personal large spoon and dug into one of the most precious meals ever.

They did not have, yet they gave. We did not need, yet we received, in humble thankfulness for this new friendship. There is an Arab proverb that says, “If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart." And that they did.

We left with sad smiles, heavy-but-full hearts, and heartfelt promises to visit again if we ever returned. Please pray for the church members who love and care for the refugees, people like this dear family, who have little hope without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Would it not be amazing to meet this family again someday, next time perhaps as brothers and sisters in Christ?

Pray it will happen. 

Kay Burklin is MTW's refugee liason for Europe.

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