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Conversations with a Contractor in a Post-Christian Culture

A contractor installing a countertop in a missionary’s home in New Zealand noticed the many religious books on the bookshelves. He asked about them, and after receiving a polite response, asked the missionary what he did as a profession. The missionary proceeded to explain his job in his usual way without using the word “missionary” (a negative word to many people there), and wondered how it could possibly make sense to one living in a post-Christian culture.

Surprisingly, the contractor was quite taken that he believed that Christianity was relevant today. He said that his daughter at university had recently assured him that Christianity was a thing of the past and actually harmful to modern, sound thinking. This led into a discussion with the missionary about the important questions of life. He left with a fresh understanding of what he had previously considered to be “religion,” and an invitation for further discussion.

Thank you for your generosity to MTW. Your gifts and prayers enable our missionaries to enter into life-giving conversations and build relationships with those who are hungry for truth.

Staff, Christchurch New Zealand Church planting May 8, 2018
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