Dick Senzig

After You Retire, Redeploy in Missions (VIDEO)

By Tom Mills, Mar 14, 2023

As retirement approached, Dick Senzig and his wife, Sue, began to consider what was next for them—specifically what would they be retiring to? They wanted their retirement years to have purpose. Long-interested in missions, they decided to take the Perspectives on world missions course that their church, Park Cities Presbyterian, in Dallas, Texas, was offering. It radically changed their whole viewpoint. They recognized that they had gifts and experience that they could use firsthand in working with people overseas in a business capacity. They talked with their church missions director and God opened the door for them to serve with MTW’s Workplace Ministries in West Africa. 

“What I like to tell people who are approaching retirement is, ‘Don't retire, redeploy,’ Dick says. “Redeployment happens with an army when it's done fighting on one front and it moves to another front. All those gifts, all those experiences that God has given you and that you've used so well in the business world for many years, now take that, dedicate it and use it to the service of advancing the kingdom of Christ in places that you never dreamed of where there's so much need, so much opportunity.”

Tom Mills
Tom Mills is a content creator for Mission to the World. He is a graduate of Wheaton College. Tom loves meeting and interviewing believers all over the world, capturing stories of God's global church.
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Pray for those who God is calling to missions, that God would clarify their call, and equip them to serve Him.

Pray for the "Timothys" in Muslim-majority West Africa who are growing in their Christian faith and teaching others. 

Pray for the missionary families who are getting kicked out of sensitive countries because of their Christian faith. 

Pray for women of the Mama Vao Vao sewing business in Madagascar. It's helping keep Sakalava women out of prostitution and introducing them to Christ. 

Pray for West Africa where extreme poverty is rampant and the class divide is vast. But where the gospel is also at work.

Pray for a sewing ministry in Madagascar as it transforms into a business providing resources to a community plagued with sexual oppression.

Pray for our Central Asia missionaries building the church through business as mission efforts.

Pray for the girls living at the Presbyterian girls home in West Africa. Many of them are coming to faith and asking to be baptized!

Pray for the abandoned and disabled children living at The Josephine House in Cusco, Peru. Pray that they will grow in the knowledge of Christ and be adopted into godly homes. 

Pray for missionaries and national believers to overcome the problem of dependency. Pray that God would raise up local believers to lead the church.


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