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Madrid: Reach Students, the Arts Community, and More

Madrid Spain Summer Internships Europe - Western
Keira Burton: Pexels

Spain is the least evangelized Spanish-speaking country in the world. Although it is traditionally Catholic, very few people attend church or believe foundational Christian doctrines. It is here that our team is seeking to share the hope of the gospel and plant a church.

Our team has several focus areas. One is campus ministry. Madrid has 14 universities and over 300,000 students so we are eager to have you help us reach out to them. Another focus area is to reach the local arts community through theater, photography, and more! Important in any strategy is relationship building. Showing who you are and demonstrating inner joy is key to reaching today’s generation, who are more open to dialog about spiritual things than the older generation.

If you enjoy talking to strangers, we’d love to have you come and serve with us. We will mentor you and keep you busy! This mentored summer internship is a 2023 RUF partnership site.

Dates: June through July
For FAQs and more info, visit

Interested in a summer internship, but overwhelmed by the choices? That's OK! Click the Get Started button, tell us as much as you can, and we will help you find your fit!


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