Bolton, Rosemary

Serving in Global | Acct # 10515


Rosemary has worked in Indonesia since 1985, the last few years under the sponsorship of one of the largest churches in Maluku. She and her Nuaulu co-worker, Huna, recently completed a panorama of 42 oral Bible stories in the Nuaulu language. They are now hoping to work with the local church in one of the Nuaulu villages to form a team to continue the written translation of the Bible into the Nuaulu language. A number of books of the Bible have already been translated and a number of them were published as a combined volume a couple of years ago.


Rosemary and Huna are also preparing Bible story videos, some of which are short and designed for viewing on cell phones, which are very popular with young people. The Nuaulu people love music, so hymns and modern choruses are also being translated, and Scripture songs are being composed in the traditional Nuaulu music style.


Please pray that these activities would draw many Nuaulu people, the majority of whom still follow their traditional religion, to Christ. Pray for the completion of the Nuaulu Bible translation, and that the use of the oral Bible stories and published Scripture would transform lives.

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