Garofalo, Santo & Mary Ellen

Serving in Italy | Acct # 12889


Upon first meeting, Santo asked Mary Ellen if she was willing to go wherever God called him to share the gospel, even if it meant going overseas. They would never have imagined that 32 years later they would receive an invitation to serve in Santo’s ancestral country of Italy!

They have been serving as MNA church planters in Atlantic City for the last 13 years. In addition to being the administrator for the MNA church planting assessment center since 2016, Mary Ellen has co-led numerous MTW medical mission trips. They are both excited about serving with the national Italian leaders of Nuova Vita in Salerno.

They share the same vision as the Italian leadership team to see Salerno and the surrounding region flooded with the life-transforming gospel of Jesus. Specifically, they will be equipping the young leaders so that they will have the support and encouragement they need to persevere in the work of the gospel among their own people.

Santo is excited about engaging in friendship evangelism with his neighbors in Salerno. Mary Ellen is looking forward to utilizing her gifts of hospitality, administration, and practical wisdom coming from over 35 years of walking with Jesus.

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