Zlín remained a sleepy little village until the early 1900s, when the Bata shoe factory brought rapid development. Today, it’s a business destination known for rich culture and modern architecture. Despite the region’s early Christian roots, today only about 0.5 percent of all Czechs are evangelical Christians. In this city so desperately in need of the gospel, MTW Zlín is helping a Czech pastor and his leadership team plant a small church.

Our primary work is equipping Czechs to become disciples of Jesus who share the good news with others. Due to their deeply ingrained skepticism about religion and mistrust of anyone unfamiliar to them, earning an opportunity to speak the gospel takes a long time. Yet, through our Sunday school program, evangelistic events, and teen discipleship efforts, we have seen God raising up a new generation of believers who are actively evangelizing their friends. It is our hope that God would work in and through the church in Zlín to transform the Czech Republic and bring many to saving faith.


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Relationships Lead to Life in Czech Republic

In the midst of his struggles, he started coming to church, and began spending time with the church member's family.


From Bus Stop to Birthday Party

A Czech woman was amazed to be invited to the home of Americans she barely knew, and then enveloped in community by their party guests.


Goliath Must Fall: Two Gospel Stories

In a hard-to-reach, largely atheistic European city, these stories declare the gospel to be "the power of God unto salvation."


"Will You Be in Heaven with Me?"

Children often ask some pretty amazing questions, and often God uses them to spark spiritual interest in their parents.


“I’ve Never Prayed.”

Do you know the game "I've Never?" For a 16-year-old Czech girl, it was an opportunity to casually state that she had never prayed.


Pray for relationships formed in Czech Republic after the summer's English camp and that God would draw the students to Himself. 

Pray for those in Czech Republic who are building relationship with our team and church members, that they would come to faith in Christ. 

Pray for two women, Monika and Andrea, who have recently come to faith against the odds in a hard-to-reach, largely atheistic European city.

Pray for Monika, that God would continue to heal her, give her a new purpose, and protect her life from physical harm, and for Andrea, that she would grow deep roots of faith and be a witness to those like her—unlikely subjects—of the reality of the grace of God.

Pray for the children in Zlin, Czech, to find Jesus through church opportunities geared toward children. Pray for God to use their faith to draw their parents to Christ.

Czech English Camps

Help enable Czech people to hear the gospel and practice English at Christian English camps.

Czech Literature Publishing

Help the Czech church publish Christian resources in their own language to spread the gospel and deepen theological training.