A New College for a New Generation
The Osaka team is MTW's first team in this city of 17 million— a city larger than many nations. The team will launch Genesis International College, the first international English-language Christian college in Osaka. Their vision is to reach out to young Japanese college students, who are often eager to attend Western schools, and to equip and empower them with the gospel.

Youth Under Pressure
Statistics help to explain this strategy. The Japanese are the second largest unreached people group in the world. And in this age of economic downturn, the cultural pressures on youth are tremendous. Many are jobless and more than a million are hikikomori: living in depressed isolation in their parents’ homes. The national suicide rate has consistently topped 30,000 people for the last 14 years. This is a time for bold Christian leadership, and Genesis College proposes to train up students who can provide exactly that. A church plant will go hand-in-hand with the college, and will initially focus on those under 30. Together these initiatives will attempt to bring the hope of the gospel to Osaka and its next generation.


Bentson, Tim

Tim Bentson plans to work at Genesis International College (GIC) in Osaka, Japan, and serve as part of the church-planting effort there.


Edwards, Jeff

Jeff Edwards is an MTW missionary in Osaka, Japan. He has a vision to reach the young generation of Japan with the love of Christ through the Genesis International College.


Harrell, Frank

Frank Harrell will serve by teaching courses at GIC and will also be part of a church-planting movement in Osaka, Japan.


Kooi, Brent

GIC aspires to share the hope of the gospel and infuse the rapidly aging Japanese Church with young leaders for the continued growth of the Church in Japan.

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Help Launch an English College in Osaka
College Faculty Needed for English Business College
Plant a Bilingual Church in Osaka

A Conversation that Transcends Cultures

An MTW missionary woman struck up a conversation with a young Japanese lady at English Café Night. It turns out they had a lot in common.


Good News of Great Joy: A Christmas Baptism

This Christmas we rejoiced together with the angels in heaven as Mrs. S professed her faith in Jesus and was baptized.


Relief in Full

Compassion and hope for a devastated people in Ishinomaki, Japan


Church Planting in Japan: A Video

Missionaries and national pastors in Japan are hard at work building the Church. Take a peak at what God is doing!


Why Are the Japanese So Resistant to the Gospel?

We hear of the explosive growth of the church in China, India, Africa, and even in the Arab world. Why not Japan?


"Mom, there's something I need to tell you."

He had been a Christian for about a year, but hadn't told his parents. He was struggling with questions like: "why go to church anyway?"


Video: Why Japan?

What does Japan need more than more people willing to go? Churches willing to send them.


"It’s a Home Run Strategy!”

As a former missionary, I know Genesis International College's strategy is an innovative, effective approach to reaching Japan.


Sinking in Japan

We’d gone from living in a place where we were mostly competent and self-sufficient to one where we were functionally illiterate.


Japan: Lifting the Weight of Societal Pressure

The number of Japanese teachers taking time off from work for "mental reasons" has increased significantly in the last few years.


Pray for the relationships missionaries are developing with Japanese men and women. Pray for common interests and connections to be a bridge to the gospel.

Pray for the men and women in Japan who have been attending church to make a public commitment to Christ and to express their faith through baptism.

Please pray for the rebuliding efforts in Ishinomaki, Japan, and for church planting efforts in the region that have begun since the 2011 tsunami.

Pray for God to break through cultural barriers to draw Japanese men and women to Himself. And for God to call more missionaries to serve in Japan.

Pray for Japanese college students wrestling with new faith. Pray that they would have the courage to give their lives to Christ and not fear their family's reaction.

Pray for youth around the world to come to faith, and pray for missionaries who minister to the next generation. Young people often impact their whole familes for Christ.