Flores-Klingsmith, Chery

Serving in Spain | Acct # 12377


As the granddaughter of a Spaniard, Chery’s love for Spain and its people are “in her blood.” At age 9, her grandfather introduced her to his birthplace. Since that landmark trip, Chery’s heart has felt uniquely connected to Spain. After becoming a Christian, this love translated to a call to serve as a long-term missionary.

While Spain is still considered to be a Catholic country, it’s one of the most secular countries in the world. Younger Spaniards have rejected their parents’ and grandparents’ faith, and distrust organized religious institutions. In a country where less than 0.05 percent of Spaniards have a personal relationship with Jesus, new churches are greatly needed.

Believing the church is God’s instrument for advancing His kingdom, Chery is committed to serving with Spaniards to share the gospel and plant new churches. She’s excited to be serving with a team of Spaniards in Barcelona and enjoys using her women’s and children’s ministry experience as well as her administrative gifts to help establish a new church in one of Europe’s most secular cities. Please pray that God would grow this new church and make it a blessing to many Spaniards who do not yet know Jesus.

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