Discipleship Curriculum Developed by MTW

Discovering the Heart of Discipleship

Gospel and Grace Dallas Willard once said, “Nondiscipleship is the elephant in the church.”

If you’re a pastor or lay leader, you get it. But how do you start a discipleship program for your congregation? And how do you choose a curriculum from the sea of options that are offered?

We can help.

We’ve created a curriculum series designed to be used in the context of small, intimate groups of three or four, under the guidance of a mentor. The curriculum is available in two versions: a participant’s guide and a leader’s guide. The leader’s guide contains helpful material for Bible discussion questions.

The material is winsome, thoughtful, challenging, and comprehensive.

Gospel and Grace, the first volume in the series, will help participants learn to apply a foundational understanding of the gospel of grace to their daily lives. Through Bible studies, discussion questions, and application exercises, group members have the chance for deep study, honest self-examination, and opportunities to speak grace and truth into each other’s lives. Subsequent volumes address the topics of “Kingdom and Mission” and “Culture and Context.”

Why are we doing this? At MTW, we’re looking for disciples who want to invest their lives in the Great Commission. You’re longing for the same in your church—people who are grounded, trained, and equipped, and who will go on to disciple others. Our hope is that this material will be a catalyst for inspiring ever-deepening missional engagement, both in your church and across the globe.

For hard copies, the suggested donation is $10/copy plus shipping.
The PDF version is free.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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Gospel & Grace is a tremendous resource for people seeking to discern their call to cross-cultural missions. It lays the foundation not simply for a lifetime of mission service, but also for a vibrant faith and relationship with God. I’m grateful for this book which exudes the heart of Mission to the World.
Lloyd Kim, Coordinator
Mission to the World
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