We are here to assist churches with your missions ministry. 

What could happen if every PCA church pledged
1% of their members to missions?

How many global communities could be renewed by the transformative power of the gospel? How many unreached people groups would hear the gospel? How many new churches would be started, and fledgling churches supported?


See and experience Mission to the World's ministry in different areas of the world.

MTW vision trips are designed with you in mind. Some trips target one ministry or geographic area; others are wide-ranging. Although a few trips provide some opportunity for hands-on ministry, the focus is on vision rather than participation. All of them offer personal challenge and spiritual growth. 

Vision trip participants sometimes come from churches that are exploring new sites or ministry opportunities based on the strategies and objectives of their own church. Others are already committed to particular ministries, but are exploring ways in which they and their church might deepen their involvement. Still others are seeking to develop their own church’s missions focus and strategy, so are interested in a broader ministry overview.

Interested in other places? We’ve got many more trips coming up in 2018. Email for details.


Window to the World

Getting Started – Window to the World 

Laying the Foundation - understanding the Biblical basis for missions and establishing vision 
Setting Your Sights - focusing your vision and moving your people 
Setting the Pace - developing momentum in mobilization 
Reaching the Summit - integration of all the components 

Missions Leaders

Praying for Missionaries  - a helpful article to pray more specifically for missionaries 
Establishing a Missions Committee  - how to start a missions ministry 
Establishing an Effective Missions Program  - our response to God s plan: Organizing, Planning and Giving 

For Small Groups and Sunday School

Small Group/SS Class 
Praying for Missionaries  - a helpful article to pray more specifically for missionaries 
The Gracious Commission - a four-week, small group Bible study on missions 
Creative Ways to Care for Missionaries 

Below are some of the ways that MTW is prepared to equip your church to partner with us:

Explore MTW’s vision and how it might be applied to support your church's work.

Encourage your church to grow in missions mobilization.

Spend time listening to leaders describe your church's missions ministry.

Consult with your missions committee to develop strategy & vision.

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